About Michael - Founder

Born and raised in the oilfields of West Texas, I’ve been interested in learning to code for a very long time. After a stint in the Marines and a lot of practical experience behind me, I’ve decided to make the leap with and start my journey toward becoming a professional software developer. I love being out in the world getting my hands dirty and my boots muddy. I believe that the ability to creatively solve problems with software should go hand in hand with the hard practical work happening on the ground. To that end, I hope to build applications and tools to help working men and women be their most productive.

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In my spare time you can find me writing articles on Medium and more recently Dev.to


On GitHub you can check out my profile and see code contributions and some interesting projects

Graphs and Data

I'm a data enthusiast and graphs are an excellent way to organize and gain insight into highly connected data.

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Let’s work on your data together,

with accurate & reliable technology.